Supersauger Einsatzgebiet

Efficient and economical work


Whether from great heights (roofs) and depths (manholes), with our super suction device, the following work can be carried out without difficulty:

Dry suction

Dry suction

  • Sucking cement
  • Sucking wood chips
  • Uncovering of tree roots
  • Sucking rubble from attics,
    basement rooms, etc.
  • Sucking gravel from flat roofs
Wet suction

Wet suction

  • Bottom sludge suction
  • Sucking clear passages
    with large dimensions
  • Sucking out digestion towers
  • Sucking out industrial sludge
  • Rehabilitation of absorbing wells


  • of gravel and
  • other free-flowing materials

We are happy to advise you regarding the versatile possibilities of application for our super suction units, ensuring that your project is as efficient as possible and that you achieve optimal results.

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