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Used cooking oil

Used cooking oil collection
Gastronomy Service
Used cooking oil pickup
  • Recycling the used cooking oil into biodiesel
  • Reliable collection of used oil by in-house logistics
  • Emptying & cleaning or replacement of the containers
  • Provision of suitable containers for used cooking oil collection

We are your partner when it comes to a reliable collection and environmentally-friendly disposal of used cooking oil or grease throughout Austria.

For this, we offer our customers in the gastronomy and hotel industry a comprehensive all-round service package which guarantees an easy and clean collection, a reliable pick-up service, and a professional and compliant disposal of used cooking oil.

Our mission is to offer our customers reliable solutions which are not just feasible, but above all hygienic. One example which illustrates this motivation is the Münzer waste grease bin which we designed ourselves.

Used cooking oil collection container

Münzer Altspeisefett Tonne


This Münzer waste grease bin is an innovative, clean and extremely practical container.

The lid can be sealed tight, and the wheels make handling the container extremely easy. As the bin was designed especially for the collection of used cooking oil, it is also possible to pour grease with a temperature of up to + 70°C inside.

Münzer bin
110 l or 180 l

60 l or 120 l

IBC tank
640 l or 1000 l

500 l to 1000 l

3 l or 5 l

Recycling to BioDiesel

Used Cooking Oil Collection

The used cooking oil is collected in the practical Münzer bin, which has a tightly closed and sealed lid as well as wheels. Each customer will be provided with their desired number of clean, hygienic and practical bins for free.

Used Cooking Oil Pickup

We are your partner for reliable collection of used cooking oil throughout Austria. The used cooking oil bins are consistently emptied and cleaned or exchanged by in-house logistics and fleet. Only clean and empty bins remain with the customer.

BioDiesel Production

The collected used cooking oil is then transported directly to the company's own biodiesel plants in Vienna / Ölhafen Lobau and in the Styrian Gaishorn am See, where it is treated and subsequently processed into high-quality and ecologically sustainable BioDiesel. It should be noted that we dispense with the use of palm oil in the BioDiesel production!

BioDiesel as End Product

When it comes to mobility, science has proven that biodiesel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Our biogenic fuel fulfils all European requirements regarding quality and sustainability. Independent scientific evaluations have confirmed that it offers CO₂ savings of more than 93 percent.

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